3-Ingredient Root Beer BBQ Pulled Pork

Barbecue is kind of a religion in the South. Some prefer their meat deity slathered in sloppy sauce, smoked and served with heaps of potato salad. Some think a slow, low cook in the oven and a crispy finish on the grill gets the job done (my personal preference). And the sauces? Well, I have yet to find a favorite one, but it lies somewhere in between all the sweet-tangy-peppery-spicy options out there. A bit of a tall order, wouldn’t ya say?

The good news is, every root beer and barbecue sauce I’ve ever used in this recipe has produced the most scrumptious, finger-lickin’ good pulled pork.

Welcome to mouthwatering meat heaven, barbecue worshipers!

Every bite is sweet, salty, and full of tender goodness… all done much more easily than other complicated barbecue recipes! My style has always been to let the oven do the fussin’, leave your barbecue be, and crack a beer while it cooks.

You won’t believe how easy this is for how DELICIOUS the results are. It just melts in your mouth. Adults and kids will love this as a weeknight meal, or party food for watching football. Served on a big fluffy bun with your favorite sauce and tangy pickles, this pulled pork is perfection on a plate. I’m never one to pick incessantly at a savory dish before dinnertime, but this “taste test” went a little far!

Just 3 ingredients is all you need, so grab the goods and get to cookin’. Or, rather… sitting on the couch while your slow cooker takes care of the work!

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