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This website is owned, written and edited by me, Georgia Johnson. It is based on personal experiences and preferences. All of the content on this site is my own. If it is not my own, it will be disclosed visibly in the post.

The Comfort of Cooking is an ad, affiliate and PR friendly website. However, brands or advertisers and compensation will never influence the content of blog posts or my expressed opinions. The topics, products and content will always be chosen by me and will be relevant to my blog and readers. I will only share brands and products that align with my mission for this blog and my readers’ interests.

I only provide product review/giveaways when I have had a chance to use the product. Product samples will not be returned to the company. I do not guarantee that I will post a review for all products received.

I do not provide giveaways or product reviews in exchange for exposure. I do not accept compensation in exchange for positive reviews.

I will always disclose to my readers the nature of my partnerships with brands and will also include a small disclaimer in any post which is written on behalf of a company or partner. I will make readers aware if money or product was exchanged for the post.

I will always express my honest opinions and views, including both positive and negative commentary as appropriate. I will always disclose to my readers if a product was provided to me at no charge. Providing an item for review will, in no way, influence my opinion or review, as I respect my readers, their time, and their budgets.

Copyright & Attribution

Content found throughout this site is public information. However, all information, including text, recipes, photographs, etc., is registered and copyrighted with

The content on this site may not be sold or used for commercial purposes without the written consent of The Comfort of Cooking. The content on this site may never be reproduced in a foreign language. To obtain permission to reproduce The Comfort of Cooking’s content, please contact Georgia Johnson here.

Any use of the content found on this site requires attribution. You must provide attribution of the work by placing a link on your website which refers back to the original posting on The Comfort of Cooking.

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You can feel free to contact me with any questions, concerns or comments about these policies.

We reserve the right to change and/or update these policies at any time.

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