Welcome to The Comfort of Cooking.

So happy you’re here! I’m Georgia – a self-taught cook creating fresh, family friendly recipes to help you feel more confident in the kitchen. This is where I share my love of creating delicious food and memories made at the table. I have been obsessed with cooking, baking and photography for over 20 years. Now, I want to help you take the guesswork out of meal times!

Since 2010, this passion project has grown into my full-time career and a recipe resource for millions of readers across the world. My easy, delicious recipes appeal to both beginner and experienced home cooks.

Anyone who enjoys getting creative in the kitchen, come on in!

When I’m not cooking, you can find me taking walks, practicing my photography, and spending time with my favorite people. My nose is often in a book, and my head is daydreaming about what’s for dinner. My favorite part of every day is sharing laughs and good food with my family.

I love to explore, garden, journal, do yoga, cuddle up with a book on the couch, and of course, feed the people I love! My daughter, age 9, loves to cook, bake and brainstorm new recipes with me! She enjoys cooking and creating like me – it’s true magic to watch her become fascinated with food like the rest of us!

My friends and family happily taste test all of my creations. I live in beautiful central Massachusetts.

10 Facts About Me

  • I grew up on an animal farm in Maryland – goats, chickens, bunnies, peacocks, deer, you name it!
  • My first website was in 2001. I gave love advice – ha! (I was 15 and knew everything – obviously 😂)
  • I crave travel and experiencing new cultures, foods and ways of living. There are so many spots on my bucket list.
  • I’m very organized and detail-oriented, but can be really forgetful without making lists all day.
  • I have practiced yoga all over the world for 20 years, and finally became a yoga teacher in 2023.
  • I’ve lived in Boston, Los Angeles, and Austin. Finally settled back in New England to be closer to family.
  • Very afraid of heights, robots, and dark water, but love a good horror movie.
  • My family is full of artists, musicians, yogis, and designers – I love that I come from a creative background.
  • I did three cooking segments on the local news, just to scare myself and try something new!
  • I’ve been my own boss for 13 years. Grateful every day that I get to share and eat delicious food!

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