Easy No-Bake Berry Donut Shortcakes

For an indulgent breakfast or dessert, try these soft, sweet no-bake donut shortcakes with berries – ready in 5 minutes!

Easy No-Bake Berry Donut Shortcakes – For an indulgent breakfast or dessert, try donut shortcakes with berries - ready in 5 minutes! | thecomfortofcooking.com

These are kind of ridiculous. I mean, really.

These delicious donut shortcakes take, like, five minutes to make, involve no cooking or baking whatsoever, and are just about the cutest little patriotic, all-American treats ever. The hardest part about this whole recipe is the end. That’s right, when it’s all over. When it’s just a bunch of crumbs and your tears, and a lonely fork on the plate.

Actually, what fork? Who has time for forks in a situation like this?!

Easy No-Bake Berry Donut Shortcakes – For an indulgent breakfast or dessert, try donut shortcakes with berries - ready in 5 minutes! | thecomfortofcooking.com

Let’s break it down now. I really want you to know JUST how easy this recipe is before having to scroll all the way down. I’m nice like that… and I appreciate laziness.

So, you ready? Okay. Just grab a couple cake donuts from your best bakery, sandwich a scoop of vanilla ice cream (or whipped cream) into the middle, and mash up a few handfuls of raspberries and lemon juice into a chunky, sweet sauce. Pour it over, plop on some blueberries, and dessert is served. Done and done.

Easy No-Bake Berry Donut Shortcakes – For an indulgent breakfast or dessert, try donut shortcakes with berries - ready in 5 minutes! | thecomfortofcooking.com

I’ll be honest with ya. Traditional shortcake dough has never appealed to me much; it just seems dry and bland. Maybe I’m just not a good enough baker to get it really “right.” I’ve always loved to use pound cakes, angel food cakes, and now, pillowy-soft donuts to cushion layers of cream and fruit into one heavenly dessert!

Yep, with a half-dozen donuts being a dollar, my favorite berries on sale, and ice cream always in the freezer, I can see this being a problem. A problem, indeed. You hear that, bikini?!

Easy No-Bake Berry Donut Shortcakes – For an indulgent breakfast or dessert, try donut shortcakes with berries - ready in 5 minutes! | thecomfortofcooking.com

For a red, white and blue breakfast on July 4th, or for a decadent dessert to round out any scrumptious summer barbecue the right way, these donut shortcakes will totally hit the spot. No need to turn the oven on, bust out the cutting board, or swamp yourself in dishes.

This is an easy, no-fuss dessert that you’re going to love for warm-weather indulging!

Easy No-Bake Berry Donut Shortcakes

Easy No-Bake Berry Donut Shortcakes

Yield: 4 servings


  • 1 pint fresh raspberries
  • 1 tablespoon lemon juice
  • 4 cake donuts, split horizontally
  • 1 pint vanilla ice cream*
  • 1 pint fresh blueberries
  • Fresh mint leaves and powdered sugar, for garnish (optional)


  1. In a medium bowl, add raspberries and lemon juice. Mash together with a fork or potato masher until you form a chunky sauce.
  2. Divide the doughnut bottoms among 4 plates. Top each with a scoop of ice cream, some of the raspberry sauce and a handful of blueberries. Cover with the doughnut tops.
  3. If desired, garnish with mint leaves and sprinkle with powdered sugar.
  4. Enjoy!

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  1. Yes please, these look like pure deliciousness! Gorgeous photos!

  2. I appreciate laziness :) and this looks AH-MAZING Georgia! Love how vibrant your photos are. It’s absolutely beautiful! Happy Friday!

  3. This is so funny… I also saw this idea of using a doughnut for the shortcake in Everyday with Rachael Ray and thought how clever it was. :) I was thinking of showcasing it too….because everyone needs to know that this can be done. You gotta give Rachael Ray and her staff props… love this fun and easy idea.

    Of course you have totally taken it to the level by making it look absolutely stunning. I don’t think the magazine had such beautiful photos to portray the recipe.

    Have a great weekend. :)

  4. I’m headed off the the bakery to get my donuts Georgia so I don’t have time to chat – lol!

    My mom always made shortcake on biscuits which I’ve never cared for. Donuts on the other hand, are my favorite baked good – ever!

    I’m in love:)

    Have a great weekend!

  5. What a great odea to use donuts for shortcakes!

  6. Yum, I loove donuts too – definitely one of my weaknesses! (Then again, what dessert isn’t??)

  7. Forks are totally NOT necessary for such beauty as this. I look forward to each and every messy delicious handheld bite!

  8. Great idea! I love how good it looks and how simple it is. That is the best combination! It’s just the kind of idea I can use for the 4th since it’s always so busy that day.

  9. OK, this is dangerously easy to make – yum!!! Fork or no fork, I’d dig right in!

  10. Simple is always best. Great idea for a quick last minute dessert. Happy 4th!

  11. You know how sometimes you read someone else’s recipe and you immediately start kicking yourself for not thinking of it first? Yeah. That’s happening right now. These are so genius. LOVE IT.

  12. Easy to make…and I bet it’s addictive!

  13. What a fun idea for donuts! Love it!

  14. I’m feeling the love here! This looks like a magnificent 4th of July breakfast to me! The colors say..”I’m feeling patriotic!”

  15. A quick and easy amazing summer treat! Hehe. I might sub in pudding for ice cream because this heat will turn it into soup, but other than that such a great idea! Using donuts for shortcakes, so cool.

  16. This is a great dessert idea. I love cake donuts.

  17. Get outta here with these!! This is like the best thing I’ve seen all day!

  18. This is nuts! In the BEST way possible. So fun, Georgia!

  19. YES to replacing the shortcakes with doughnuts. Yes, I am all for it!!!

  20. This looks like the best way to eat a donut to me! Your photos are beautiful, as always.

  21. I’m loving the 4th of July colors in this!! These are too fun!

  22. How innovative! Donut shortcakes sounds like a great idea!

  23. Aaa, I feel like I’m craving donuts now!! Gotta make these, perfect for 4th of July!

  24. This might be the smartest creation like ever! Love this Georgia!

  25. Doughnut shortcakes?! Uh my gawd YES!!!

  26. This is pure genius! My family would love this dessert and it’s such a snap to prepare!!!!

  27. What a wonderful, delicious idea!

  28. We started using feedly in April. Love it… Keeps everything organized!!!

    these donut shortcakes are so cute!! Perfect for the 4th!!!!

  29. Love the doughnut being used for the shortcake! Any reason to buy doughnuts is good! But, I must say my favorite thing about this shortcake recipe is the use of raspberries! I’m passionate about that berry! Lovely pictures!

  30. Oh my! I love Shortcake! =)
    Love this recipe, your photos are great!

  31. great take on shortcake!

  32. Your creativity is incredible my friend, this is way too delicious :D


  33. YUM! What a simple, fresh and delicious dessert. I love it!

  34. What a creative and fantastic way to use donuts for shortcakes! Love that it’s so quick and easy to make – could be dangerous at the same time though Oh heck, you only live once, this looks too amazing not to try making at least once :D

  35. Who would have thought to use a donut. Clever!

  36. I guess we both had donut sandwiches on our minds today!! I love all the berries in yours!! These things are so cute and festive!! Plus, I am sure they have got to be delicious!! Donuts make everything better!

  37. You seriously have me drooling. What a fantastic idea!!!

  38. 5 stars
    These are GORGEOUS. Donuts. Shortcake. Why have i not thought of this?! Thanks for the inspiration!

  39. 5 stars
    These are SO cool! Love the colors. And the donuts, of course!

  40. We were almost a little bit on the same page with donuts this week! Although I’m really digging that yours are even easier! So beautiful too!! Lets get together and have both! That sounds perfect!! :)

  41. Brilliant!! I agree with you about traditional shortcakes. This definitely beats the ball way far off the court, in the most delicious way ;)

  42. Amazing, and so festive! I’ll take at least 5, please!

  43. Brilliant!!!!! Love the idea of the donuts here. And love all of those beautiful, bright colors! :)

  44. I mean, as if cake donuts aren’t already good enough on their own! This looks amazing!

  45. Now THAT is a great take on traditional shortcake.

  46. 5 stars
    This is an inspired dish! I love the idea of using donuts for shortcake. Great pictures, terrific recipe – thanks so much.

  47. Wow! Love this idea, I’ve made something similar using purchased pound cake, like Sara Lee but your donut / shortcake looks like such a winning idea for a hot weather – aka don’t want to turn on my oven- dessert ;)

  48. Oh my gosh, I think my husband is crying somewhere in the house and doesn’t know why… I think he senses that these things exist!

  49. Sucha great idea Georgia… no fuss, no mess, perfect for July 4. Love this! Rachael comes up with the easiest desserts, I know she hates baking. THis is genius.

  50. Hahaha. I’m all for laziness! But not extreme laziness. This looks like the perfect amount.

    And LOVE these pictures! They’re just stunning, Georgia. :)

  51. 5 stars
    He he hee. This is a great dessert idea for someone like me who’s not so expert in dessert making. Fool proof recipe! :D I love that it looks fancy considering how easy this is!

  52. These are such fun to make with whatever fruit is in season.

  53. You don’t need to twist my arm! You knooooow how I feel about donuts :) genius!

  54. Omg. These look like heaven! I can’t be trusted around donuts however >;)

    Beautiful photography!


  55. 5 stars
    OMG , this is genius!! Lazy = me! I cant wait to try this…

  56. Maxxiesmom says:

    What a great idea. I love cake donuts cut in half and toasted in the toaster with butter. Bet this would be super wonderful on warm, toasted donuts!!!

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