Skinny Sparkling Raspberry Margaritas

These skinny sparkling margaritas with fresh raspberries make for a cool, refreshing sip for beating the summer heat!

Skinny Sparkling Raspberry Margaritas – Skinny margaritas with fresh raspberries make for a cool, refreshing sip for beating the summer heat! |

I have been up to my ears in raspberries lately, and I’m lovin’ it! In everything from oatmeal to cobblers, cupcakes to cocktails, they’ve added a perfect tangy-sweet punch.

As much as I wish I could grow a bush bursting with them, alas, my black thumb is only very slooowllly turning green. How amazing would it be to grab a basket full whenever you felt like it, though? I think I’d have to have a Julie Andrews moment, à la Sound of Music, with my little basket, twirling around in an imaginary meadow with the wind in my hair.

Obviously, raspberries make me hallucinate. That’s the moral of this story.

Skinny Sparkling Raspberry Margaritas – Skinny margaritas with fresh raspberries make for a cool, refreshing sip for beating the summer heat! |

Since the only thing I love more than raspberries in the summer is an icy cold cocktail, I made us these skinny sparkling margaritas! They’re fizzy and fabulous, not too sweet, and perfectly crisp and cool for beating the summer heat. An absolute necessity in the South, and basically anywhere that you are in a similar state of melting-into-puddle-ness.

Feel free to add a little more of this or that as you like. For a sweeter sip, you can use tonic water instead of club soda. You can also swap the orange or raspberry liqueur for a sugar-free syrup (I love the Torani brand).

This cocktail is quick, easy and so refreshing for those sticky-hot summer days. We’ve been loving them here in Austin, and wherever you are, I know you’ll love them, too!

Skinny Sparkling Raspberry Margaritas

Skinny Sparkling Raspberry Margaritas

Yield: 2 to 3 margaritas


  • 1/2 cup fresh or frozen raspberries
  • 1/2 cup silver tequila
  • 1 lime, juiced
  • 3/4 cups club soda
  • 1 Tablespoon agave nectar or simple syrup, or to taste
  • Splash raspberry liqueur or orange liqueur, Triple sec, optional


  1. Blend raspberries in a food processor or blender until smooth. If desired, strain through a fine-mesh sieve. Add raspberry puree/liquid and remaining ingredients to a cocktail shaker or medium bowl. Shake or stir to combine. Serve in 2-3 glasses filled with ice.
  2. Enjoy!

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  1. How refreshing! I’m having a case of the Mondays so I’ll need a couple of glasses of this stat!

  2. Raspberries are my favorite berry, Georgia! I would LOVE these fruity margs. I love club soda in cocktails. It’s so refreshing and gives the perfect about of bubbly zing!

  3. Raspberries are my absolute favorite summer berry and I just love this “skinny” version of a Margarita with less sugar and some bubbly. (I do my own bubbly-skinny versions of Margaritas with Zevia zero calorie soda.) Beautiful photography for this perfect summer sip, Georgia!

  4. Love the colour of these! They’re so pretty and totally perfect for a summer girls night :)

  5. Ok, you’ve got me craving margs at 7am on a Monday…not good!! :) Love these, Georgia!

  6. At my last house I had row upon row of raspberries and I’d pick (and eat) my way down the rows every morning. I ate more than I picked most days. Love this drink!

  7. I’m coming over at 5! Or right this instant :-)

  8. Oooh!! I’m coming over for cocktail time!

  9. The perfect drink for July in Nashville…although it has been cooler this year…still one does need a refreshing drink after a hard day at work? Yes! Beautiful colors and simple ingredients. Thanks.

  10. Sparkling margaritas sound awesome! So summery and so pretty!

  11. Georgia, we have some raspberry bushes at our home. We have to be quick at picking them because as you can imagine, birds like raspberries as much as we do. What a perfect summetime cocktail! PS: If you are picturing yourself as Julie Andrews in the Sound of Music I don’t think it’s the raspberries that are making you hallucinate. It’s probably just the tequila – lol!

  12. I have a beach weekend coming up and my girl friend and I were just talking about what we could make while the boys drink brews. This looks PERFECT!

  13. A skinny marg?! YES please!! Looks amazing! :)

  14. This is one of the prettiest margaritas I’ve ever seen, and it’s SKINNY! I love it. Margaritas are my favorite cocktail!

  15. Gorgeous! I adore raspberries in my cocktails! Can’t wait to try!

  16. How pretty are these, love the raspberries!

  17. So pretty and refreshing!

  18. Yum! I would totally have that same Julie Andrews moment!

  19. A fresh refreshing looking drink on a beautiful Monday morning. Georgia, your pictures look so good especially with the berries atop.

  20. Those look so gorgeous! Raspberries are probably one of my favorite berries to eat.

  21. I absolutely LOVE these drinks. I might have to make them next week when I am home with family – my SIL would love them too!

  22. Georgia these sound so refreshing!! What a beautiful color and bet they are full of flavor and we are loving the fizz!

  23. I love margs like, A WHOLE LOT. I could use a few glasses of this yumminess tonight, not going to lie! :)

  24. Gorgeous, Georgia! I love, love, love a margarita!

  25. This sounds delicious! It is going to be a long summer without yummy drinks like these! ;)

    Oh, and for some reason, I haven’t been getting your updates through Bloglovin’ – so frustrating! I subscribed by email so that doesn’t happen again :) Now I’m off to check out everything I’ve missed! I apologize in advance for the barrage of comments you will be getting from me… ;)

  26. can i please move next to you?

  27. Can’t resist a good margarita and this one looks fabulous!!

  28. If only I could have a raspberry bush or peach tree in my back yard, then I could drink one of these refreshing margaritas any time I wish. Yum!

  29. such a blush of red in this cool sip…love the addition of raspberries…soothing :-)

  30. Yum!! I totally agree with you–I wish I could have tons of berry shrubs in my backyard to pick all day long. I just went berry picking this past weekend and it is always so much fun. Laughed out loud at the South of Music imagery!

  31. Perfection, Georgia! We love a good cocktail around here and I especially love a skinny cocktail! It’s frightening to hear how many calories the typical cocktail has so I’m always looking for ways to imbibe without consuming a gazillion calories :)

  32. 5 stars
    Such a pretty and refreshing drink Georgia! I can have a few glasses of these babies. ;) YUM! Have a great rest of the week.

  33. Looks like a wonderful way to cool off. :)

  34. Raspberries might be my all-time favorite fruit (it’s a close tie with peaches!) and these look and sound SO good to me. Love the addition of the club soda for the sparkling twist!

  35. I love raspberries! And nothing beats freshly picked – most of the ones I get in stores are kinda blah in terms of flavor. Lovely drink – that color is gorgeous!

  36. 5 stars
    I’m so making this beautiful Margarita and raspberries are just perfect right now ;)

  37. As these are skinny cocktails, I’ve decided that it’s fine to have two :)

  38. Yes Georgia, I’m totally with you, raspberries make me hallucinate too! I’m crazy for them and could never have enough. I love them in sweet and savory dishes alike. This skinny cocktail looks like just one more fabulous way to use them, so pretty too!

  39. Such a pretty marg! I could drink like 5… and I WILL :)

  40. We always buy raspberries! Your drink shot is always so beautiful and make me want to grab the glass and drink it up! Love the refreshing images!

  41. Looks delicious and all those raspberries must be good for you!

  42. We posted rasp margs on the same day! Except I had to keep mine non-alcoholic b/c it was a sponsored post. I like your idea much better! :)

  43. 5 stars
    What a colorful and delicious looking cocktail!! (Plus easy to make!) Thanks for the inspiration!

  44. So pretty and refreshing!

  45. This looks pretty and fun to do with my girls! Sunday brunch menu it is! Thanks for sharing

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