Mini Vegetable and Bacon Frittatas


Mini Vegetable and Bacon Frittatas

As I said in my last post, sweet breakfasts are kind of my thing – I’ve got to have at least a piece of fruit, and I hold pretty steadfast on that. But, as with most things in life, there’s an exception. And you can bet your cinnamon buns that frittatas are that exception.

Ooo, cinnamon buns. WAIT! I will not be distracted.

Mini Frittatas Recipe

Frittatas are so easy to put together, and they’re my number one favorite savory way to enjoy a weekend breakfast. Whatever varied chopped vegetables or meat I have leftover from making weeknight dinners, it all goes in. They’re super adaptable, darn delicious and so cute made mini that you just want to squeeze their little eggy cheeks. Come here, frittata!

Easy Mini Frittatas

For these mini frittatas made in muffin tins, I used shredded zucchini and small diced tomatoes and onions. Topped with a fluffy sprinkling of asiago and fresh basil, I think you could agree they’re just about the best thing to welcome you into the weekend.

Mini Vegetable and Bacon Frittatas Recipe

Feel free to get creative with your fillings – mostly any vegetable or meat cut small will do. For vegetables, try spinach, potatoes, bell peppers, squash, mushrooms, peas or asparagus. For meat, leftover cooked chicken, pork or ham would be delish!

Whatever you way you make ‘em, there’s no denying that these mini frittatas would be the hit of your breakfast or brunch table. Try them for yourself some weekend and I know you’ll enjoy them just as much as I did!

Mini Vegetable and Bacon Frittatas

Servings 6 mini frittatas


  • 2 eggs
  • 4 egg whites or 3 additional whole eggs, if you prefer
  • 1/2 teaspoon kosher salt
  • 1/4 teaspoon freshly ground pepper
  • 1/4 teaspoon garlic powder
  • 3 slices bacon
  • 1/8 cup small diced onion
  • 1/4 cup small diced tomato seeds removed
  • 1/4 cup shredded or small diced zucchini
  • 1/4 cup finely grated cheese I used asiago, but use any hard cheese you prefer
  • 4 leaves fresh basil torn


  • Preheat oven to 350 degrees F.
  • In a medium bowl, beat together egg and egg whites/whole eggs. Add salt, pepper and garlic powder.
  • Coat 6 cups of a muffin tin with cooking spray and set aside.
  • In a frying pan set to medium high heat, cook bacon for 4 minutes per side. Place strips on a paper towel lined cutting board. Let bacon cool then chop into small pieces.
  • Divide chopped bacon, onion, tomato and zucchini between the muffin tins. Top each muffin cup with the beaten eggs.
  • Bake for 15-20 minutes, until a toothpick inserted into the center comes out clean.
  • Remove pan from oven and top frittatas with grated cheese and basil. Let cool for about 5 minutes before running a small knife alongside each frittata to release it from the pan. Serve warm.
  • Enjoy!


Tip: Keep refrigerated for up to 4 days. To reheat two at a time, microwave on high for 30 seconds.

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  1. I love making frittatas too! They’re so simple and adaptable.

    I will definitely have to make this when I’m hosting my next brunch party :)

  2. I’ve not thought about having a frittata for breakfast – we usually have them as an evening meal or a nibble before drinks but I love this idea!

  3. I love bite size egg dishes.. there are eleventy billion ways to do them, too. So much experimentation possibilities!

  4. I’m such a fan of frittatas. These look wonderful too…so bright! They sound so flavorful. Beautiful job, Georgia!

  5. I had never heard of frittatas but they sound great!

  6. Super cute! And your photos are so vibrant!

  7. These are so darling Georgia! You have been killing me with your adorable individual sized snacks- these would be perfect for a brunch…if only I had a big enough place to host one! Have a great weekend!

  8. Yum! Those look fabulous! I love all of your pictures!

  9. Love these little individual frittatas! While I have eaten these before, I like the variation you have here with the zucchini. This is a great savory recipe for one with a sweet tooth. Now I am so ready for brunch.

  10. Oh this looks so beautiful and tasty! I love the possibilities for this! Lovely photos!!!

  11. Oh, those are lovely! A great idea. Perfect for Easter…



  12. oh wow, Georgia! These look amazing, my family would love them and I love your photography, so bright and cheerful! anne

  13. A friend of mine made something similar a couple of weeks ago. But sauteed mushrooms instead of bacon for me. They were delicious!

  14. these sound absolutely delicious! i love the idea of making these for a brunch party – delicious + elegant!

  15. Oh Mama! These look fabulous! You did distract me with cinnamon buns for a moment but I came back out of my sweet daydream and back to these fritatta’s with their bacon and vegetable goodness! Yum! Thanks for sharing :)

  16. Man, whats up with you and the awesome little bites of deliciousness lately? These sound & look amazing!

  17. These look absolutely beautiful. They are just perfect. I love you photos too. Have a wonderful weekend.

  18. Those look absolutely delicious! I eat gluten free, and have found some great gluten-free, MSG-free, no-nitrate, no-nitrite bacon to use, so this is going to be breakfast VERY soon!

    Thanks for stopping in at Cranberry Morning! Glad you enjoyed my daffodils of Dorstone photo.

  19. I am not a big fan of eggs, but these look so pretty and can be filled with so many good things, I think I would really enjoy them!

  20. I’ll be making this for today’s lunch after I pick up my kids! =) Easy and fun – perfect for Friday!

  21. These are absolutely adorable and sound so delicious! Everything is better in mini form, right? Then I don’t feel as guilty about having numerous helpings. ;)I’ve got some spare zucchini sitting in my fridge…just might have to whip these up.

  22. I think I know what I will be having for breakfast in the morning….Perfection.

  23. can you believe that i’ve never made Frittata.. this looks like a great recipe. Love love your photos!

  24. Love frittatas, and these look delicious and fun! Bacon, veggies and cheese sound fabulous in a frittata.

  25. I love frittatas and your mini ones look amazing.

  26. Frittatas are great, perfect for any meal. Yours looks and sounds really delicious!!!

  27. Delicious breakfast idea especially if you have guests! I’m someone that loves eating eggs for breakfast so you have sold me! :D

  28. OMG this is such a great idea! They could be so easily served even as canapes!

  29. Thank you for stopping my by blog,, today and leaving a nice message. I am happy to have found your blog as well. I just signed up so I can keep up with what you’re doing. Beautiful little frittatas.

  30. your blog is BEAUTIFUL! :) love love love it here! great recipe too!

  31. These mini veggie bacon frittatas would be very welcome in my house;-)

  32. These are adorable – I love mini versions of food.

  33. I made a red pepper and onion frittata for dinner tonight, but I love the idea of the muffin tins.

  34. I love frittatas and these mini single serving ones looks yummy!

  35. Thank you for your sweet comment on my recipe on Kym’s blog! I thought I’d check out yours… your recipe’s look incredible! My hubby would love this – going to have to try it on him soon :) {new follower btw}

  36. It’s Saturday morning here in Oz and I’m going down to the kitchen right now and make these. Yum !

  37. These are so cute! And so darn delicious! Tiny food is always so much more fun to eat!

  38. These are just gorgeous! I love these for all of the veggies they hold, and my husband loves anything with egg…so, we’d both be happy with these! Thanks for sharing, they look wonderful!

  39. I love all things mini too. These frittatas look delicious!

  40. Love this recipe…fritattas are great because you can make them ahead and reheat for a quick weekday breakfast…plus they taste good, too:-)

  41. I love these mini frittatas! I like egg dishes, but sometimes feel myself get tired of them a little ways in. This is the perfect solution :)

  42. They look so colorful and beautiful! Really great thing for breakfast!

  43. eggs are my and my boyfriend’s typical breakfast go-to. What I like about these mini frittatas is the shorter cooking time and getting creative with each mini frittata. Thanks for a delicious idea! :)

  44. Just spotted these on Pinterest’ a must try.

  45. What a beautiful site you have here, Georgia! I love it… And your pictures are just incredibly gorgeous! I wish I could take pictures like these… Thank you for stopping by my blog and leaving that encouraging comment! I am now following your blog… Thank you for this great mini frittata recipe!

  46. Not only are they cute but they look delicious too! Gorgeous photos. Everything about your site is beautiful. Glad we found each other’s sites. Have a great weekend! =]

  47. Georgia, fritattas are wonderful, of course, but it was the “mini” that got me! You see, I’m one of those people who likes to “mini” just about anything and turn it into something suitable for the tea table! What I like about this recipe is that it gives you big bacon flavor with just a little bit of bacon.

  48. I love the idea of baking up mini quiches! I could easily whip up a batch of these and have something to grab on my way out the door for 2-3 days worth of breakfast to eat at my desk!

  49. How cute and delicious. And, I love the bright colors from the eggs and mix-ins!

  50. Oooh, these look perfect for brunch!! I’m planning one for my mom’s birthday and I think I’ll have to add these to the menu. So glad I stumbled here today!! :)

  51. These look so cute and wonderful – the mini thing is really going into style :D
    Nice one!

    Choc Chip Uru
    Latest: Tropical Caramelised Baked German Pancake

  52. I’m with you Georgia :) I’m more of a sweet breakfast person much prefer bricher muesli or plain cereal. But then once in a while I like savoury food too hehe and eggs are one of my favourite ~ Thanks for sharing!

  53. These little frittatas look so delicious! I could totally see making these for a breakfast fundraiser I’m organizing for a school event. Thanks for the inspiration.

  54. I love the idea of “mini” anything but especially breakfast food! This a great idea for serving when you’ve got overnight guests. Thanks Georgia!

  55. I love egg dishes as breakfast, yours look beautiful!

  56. Georgia!! These are perfectly tiny and delectable! Love love these!!!

  57. Georgia! These are beautiful! I love frittatas…they are so versatile (especially when I am trying to clean out my fridge!) But I especially love ‘mini’ things….there’s just something about have a whole one to myself!

  58. I love mini frittatas! These look so delicious with the bacon in them :)

  59. Those frittatas are really adorable. I would like your choice of Asiago cheese as that is one of my favorite cheese flavors baked into dishes. These would be great for guests staying for breakfast.

  60. Mmmmm….I could eat these for 3 meals a day! so many options with different cheeses and veggies…and this tiny version is irresistible!

  61. I just made a frittata yesterday, but not minis. Now I want minis :) These look fantastic and love the preparation here… perfect for a brunch treat!

  62. I love mini frittatas. Believe it or not, they freeze really well and reheat easily for a quick work week meal.

  63. Yum, what a great breakfast! Or lunch – I could even eat them for dinner with a nice salad! Love that they are so adaptable!

  64. I just scrolled down on your recent posts, and wanted to make a comment on everything. I am looking forward to following your blog, it is beautiful! I love anything in a mini form, these frittatas look fantastic! Hugs, Terra

  65. I love frittatas but have never thought to bake little individual ones. I love these!

  66. I just made a frittata for an Easter brunch dry run and thought about doing mini versions but wasn’t sure it they would turn out. I should have! These look amazing. Mini anything is more fun, isn’t it??

  67. Your little frittatas are gorgeous!! I love miniatures of anything, somehow I think they taste better. :D

  68. I’m a big fan of frittatas as well because it’s such a great way to make leftovers not taste like leftovers! Bite sized is even better!

  69. I love savory breakfasts so this is right up my alley. Looks delicious!

  70. They look really delicious! I’ve never made frittatas before but must give them a go sometime soon! Lovely blog btw!

  71. These mini frittatas would be dangerous for me…I wouldn’t know when to stop eating. What a great idea for brunch and when having guests over!

  72. These look perfect! I make a “cupcake” version for my kiddos:

  73. This would make such a great brunch meal…. especially with spring coming – and seasonal veggies. Looks so lovely!

  74. Your so right. Frittatas are so easy to put together. Love this recipe!

  75. I HAVE to have breakfast every day and I love frittatas! Especially in mini form!

  76. beautiful! you’ve convinced me i need a muffin tin!

  77. These are right up my alley! saving this.
    Thank you for your visit.

  78. These sound so great, would be great as a brunch bite or a few of ’em for dinner!

  79. I absolutely love mini frittatas! These look so great.

  80. Oh wow, thanks so much for linking back to me :-) I just saw this!! I am glad you like them as much as we did. I love the fact that they are so versatile as you can add or omit what ever you like. Thanks for the mention!

  81. Do these freeze well?

  82. Yes! Just store in a resealable plastic bag and reheat before serving.

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