Watermelon Cucumber Popsicles

Slurp on these summery watermelon-cucumber popsicles with fresh lime for a hot weather treat. So easy and SO refreshing!

Watermelon Cucumber Popsicles – Slurp on these summery watermelon-cucumber popsicles with fresh lime for a hot weather treat. So easy and refreshing! | thecomfortofcooking.com

Can we have a pause on summer for a second, please?! Is it just me or has the season sailed on by so quickly this year?

Trust me, I’m more than ready for cozy sweaters, hot cocoa and kicking leaves, but come on! I haven’t even run through a sprinkler, for crying out loud. Looking back at our summer to-dos, I am proud of all we’ve tackled, though… from planting our first vegetable garden to spending days lounging by pools, noshing on BBQ ribs and building our perfect outdoor patio, it’s been a wonderful one in Austin. It’s only taken us three summers to learn to appreciate the heat!

I will be so excited when we can finally throw open the windows and let in some fresh fall air, but not so fast. There are still kites to be flown, lakes to lap at our feet, and popsicles to be poured, frozen and slurped!

Watermelon Cucumber Popsicles – Slurp on these summery watermelon-cucumber popsicles with fresh lime for a hot weather treat. So easy and refreshing! | thecomfortofcooking.com

These popsicles are some of the best I’ve ever made. They are incredibly refreshing and crisp – like biting into a big hunk of watermelon, but better! With a bit of simple syrup for sweetness and fresh lime juice for tang, these watermelon-cucumber pops are the perfect summer treat for enjoying the last days of the season. Juicy, delicious and so cooling for those super hot days!

For a fun, boozy variation on these delicious pops, try my Watermelon Margarita Popsicles with a little tequila and orange liqueur!

Watermelon Cucumber Popsicles

Watermelon Cucumber Popsicles

Yield: 10 pops


  • 1/2 English cucumber, peeled and cut into chunks
  • 1 small watermelon, about 1 lb., peeled and cut into chunks
  • 1/3 cup simple syrup
  • 2 teaspoons fresh lime juice


  1. Add all ingredients to a blender or food processor and blend. Strain mixture through a fine mesh sieve into a bowl or large liquid measuring cup to remove solids. I recommend a measuring cup as this makes pouring easier.
  2. Pour mixture into your popsicle mold, leaving a little room at the top for the mixture to expand. Freeze for 1 hour. Insert sticks and continue to freeze for another 4-5 hours, at least.
  3. Enjoy!

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  1. Yes, summer needs a giant PAUSE button. I cannot believe it is August, the summer has flown bye!

    I need a popsicle mold! You make the most gorgeous popsicles (all your food is gorgeous)!! These are crazy cute and sound crazy good. I love watermelon everything!

  2. Tell me about the time!! It’s zooming by and all I want to do is savor summer with this drool-worthy popsicles. Yum!

  3. The summer definitely just flew on by!

    These popsicles though are absolutely gorgeous! I’ve been OBSESSED with watermelon this summer!

  4. Summer is definitely flying by! It needs to be put on pause JUST for these gorgeous popsicles!

  5. Georgia, I am with you. Summer is zooming by at warp speed. But, these popsicles are sure to make it feel like it’s not quite yet pre-season NFL season! Beautiful photos, girl! And, thanks for sharing!

  6. These watermelon cucumber popsicles with lime sound like such a refreshing summer treat!

  7. Summer’s gone by SO quickly so far! But so glad there’s still time to enjoy these popsicles – they sound incredibly refreshing with the watermelon and cucumber! Love!

  8. What fabulous mouth watering and refreshing popsicles.
    :-) Mandy xo

  9. These are a total “spa-sicle”! So refreshing!

  10. LOL While all of you up north are pausing summer, we’re waiting on its return please! :)

    We want to make popsicles like this. Beautiful!

  11. I totally agree with you…I love fall, but it seems like I’ve barely had a second to appreciate summer! One this is for sure, I definitely need to make more popsicles before the weather gets cooler. And these are totally going on my to-do list!

  12. I would have never thought to combine watermelon and cucumber, but it sounds amazing! I’ve been meaning to make pops ALL summer–this just might be the recipe to use!

  13. These are beautiful! So refreshing! Perfect way to enjoy summer before the rest of it slips away!

  14. Ohh now these look incredible! Love Love watermelon.

  15. Watermelon+Cucumbers = hydration! Love it Georgia!

  16. I like the thought of adding some booze to these – lol… But I wouldn’t turn one down that didn’t have any it it either :) Summer please don’t go!!

  17. I’m trying to pause summer too!! How is it already over?! I need to scarf a few od these before the month is out!

  18. Today I already had 5 popsicles…but now I want one more of yours!

  19. I have no idea how it is August already, this summer has just gone too quickly!! I haven’t even had a popsicle yet :( These look so good, love the cucumber in there!

  20. These popsicles look gorgeous, and that flavor the combination sounds like the most refreshing one ever to beat the heat!

  21. i craved watermelon so much yesterday- i have it for breakfast too this morning. these popsicles would be such a joy to eat :)

  22. Such pretty pops, Georgia! I need these in my freezer for all of August!

  23. Yay, another watermelon recipe! You will forever be associated with watermelon in my mind :) I’m still gah gah over your Watermelon Granita. These look fantastic!

  24. I said the exact same thing in my post this morning, that summer is going by far too quickly. Makes me sad! Love your popsicles, those. Pinned!

  25. Watermelon and cucumber together taste like summer – and in popsicle form?? Awesome. Like everyone else, I am not ready for summer to end so soon!

  26. Love running through the sprinkles, fun. Your popsicles are too beautiful and droolworthy.

  27. I’ve hit that button; right now we’re having glorious summer weather a mile high and because I so want these! I make a lot of popsicles and watermelon MUST be done soon!

  28. I have not made popsicles all summer…it has been cooler here in Nashville than usual…but it seems August is here so I must get to it. Watermelon is one of my daily food intakes so now I shall use your recipe and turn some into these little icy bites! Lovely.

  29. Whoa baby! These popsicles are beautiful!

  30. Oh, I’m so ready for the fall and cooler weather! :) I’ve been a hibernating bear this summer! But, if clinging onto summer means gorgeous frozen treats like these, I can tolerate it a bit longer I think!

  31. I absolutely love the combination of flavors you have here! Gorgeous, Georgia! Pinned!

  32. I’ve just bought myself some new Popsicle molds and was wondering what to make first using them. Now I know :)

  33. So simple and refreshing!!

  34. I just made watermelon popsicles today, so we are totally channeling watermelon vibes together! These look great, and beautiful pictures!

  35. I love this combination of popsicles! Watermelon and cucumber are both so refreshing so I can imagine it must be fabulous eating them on a hot day. They look just beautiful too! Great post Georgia!

  36. I’m so glad someone feels the same way I do. I love fall and can’t wait for it but wow, a little too fast this time around! I’ll make these to enjoy every last second of summer. My daughter, a newly discovered watermelon fiend, will flip for them!

  37. I can’t wait for that cooler fall air, too. In the meantime, these beautiful popsicles would be the perfect way to cool down on a hot day.

  38. GIMME! I love these flavors Georgia!!

  39. Oh friend… these look so good! So refreshing and wonderful. Not to mention gorgeous! You always make popsicles look so pretty. :) I love watermelon and cukes together!

  40. Oh man Georgia- these are summer on a stick! They look so refreshing and colorful- perfect for the last few summer days!

  41. It’s hard to believe that children are heading back to school already! I’m hanging on to every last moment of summer…and these popsicles will be a nice refreshing treat as the dog days arrive….

  42. These look delicious Georgia! So refreshing and I love all the ingredients in them – perfect combo.

  43. those are mighty pretty and as much as I love summer i’m ready for sweaters too!

  44. Wow! They look so refreshing and delicious.

  45. These popsicles look so yummy Georgia! Interesting with the addition of a cucumber!

  46. All the photographs are beautiful, I can’t pick a favorite! Watermelon and cucumber sound divine in this heat.

  47. These sound perfectly refreshing and delicious!

  48. Love the cucumber flavor in this watermelon pop… I bet it was totally refreshing. :)

  49. Can I just say that I’m completely obsessed with watermelon popsicles? Yours are so beautiful!

  50. the season has gone by so quick… so sad.. summer is almost over.

    these look so good… like so professional and all.

  51. Great minds think alike. I have just scheduled my post in a couple of days with another version of popsicles but using other fruits :-) I love this combo with cucumber. So unique and so refreshing!!

  52. How refreshingly delicious.

  53. Thanks for your comment about posting popsicle recipe at the same time – I saw your recipe coming to inbox and made me smile. I always love pinning your images as if they are mine… Gorgeous and delicious pictures. All we need to do now is to make these!

  54. Ah sweet girl…these look too good! Perfect for beating the Texas heat! Thank you for sharing…and for all your sweet words. They mean so much to me!

  55. Gorgeous Popsicles! I wish we had more play time instead of work, and school just started 5 days ago so for me summer is over :( Great post! Have a great week Georgia!

  56. 5 stars
    Your watermelon cucumber popsicles are so good and so refreshing, perfect for a summer afternoon. Thanks for sharing the recipe and gorgeous pictures.

  57. I’ve found the summer to pass by quickly as well! But these popsicles look delightful and help me to forget all about my flying summer worries ;)

  58. I’m a-okay with pausing the summer and having it last another 6 months – forever. ;) It has definitely swooped on by! But there’s still plenty of time for delicious watermelon popsicles – these babies look great!

  59. 5 stars
    OMG these are so fun!! Love the bright colors! I need some popsicle molds ASAP :)

  60. I’d be delighted if it were sweater weather all year, but I’m still having fun with summer. But I agree it’s passed by so quickly! But we’re getting terrific watermelon at the moment, and this would be a great way to use some of it. Good stuff – thanks.

  61. I agree, I’d love to hit the pause button on summer. It’s has been a whirlwind and I really wish it and things would slow down:) Love your flavour combinations in this popsicles.

  62. Oh yummy. I’m not a fan of cucumbers at all (veggies? booo!) but these do look delicious! So refreshing sounding. :)

  63. yum!! Love the combo of watermelon and cucumber!!! These should provide instant cooling from the heat.

  64. Gasp. These look so refreshingly beautiful. I am yet to make some popsicles this summer but just got the molds so I better hurry, before we know it it’s Fall.

  65. 5 stars
    Wow!!! Definitely, a refreshing frozen treat to die for…

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