Chocolate Glazed Banana Bread Muffins

Bake up a batch of these cheerful, chocolaty banana bread muffins today… sure to make any morning a bit brighter!

Chocolate Glazed Banana Bread Muffins – Bake up a batch of cheerful, chocolaty banana bread muffins... sure to make any morning a bit brighter! |

Rise and shine, lovely readers! Today, I’ve got a treat for you…

For breakfast, brunch or a soft, sweet midday treat, these Chocolate-Glazed Banana Bread Muffins totally hit the spot. They’re easy to make, freezable and fabulously delish… And they’re also up in a guest post at Girl Versus Dough today! You can find the full recipe and lots more photos over there, so go pay Stephanie a visit. She’s an awesomely talented, self-taught baker and blogger extraordinaire with a real eye for gorgeous photos and beautiful breads, rolls and desserts.

See you there for some pint-sized chocolaty, banana bready goodness!

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  1. These are my breakfast dreams come true :)! They look amazing and I love the sprinkled edges!

  2. Freezable! I never actually freeze the muffins before but I heard about it. These are so cute Georgia! I’m going to check our your guest post now…

  3. Hmm I think the post is not up yet. :) Will come back and check.

  4. Sounds delish! Love banana baked goods. And the sprinkles around the edges are adorable! Will head over to Girl Versus Dough when the post is up. Have a great week Georgia!

  5. How fun are these?! I could sure use this for breakfast!

  6. Looks divine…my family and I would love it!

  7. Beautiful, Georgia! Love your food styling and photography here…the blues look lovely with the yellow of the banana and the sprinkles just add that special touch!

  8. Perfect way to start a day.
    :-) Mandy xo

  9. AWESOME, Georgia! Heading over the check out the recipe!

  10. I absolutely love the idea of putting a chocolate glaze on a banana muffin! Why didn’t I think of that??? I have a ton of frozen bananas just waiting for this recipe :) I’m heading over to check out the recipe and photo’s now. Have a good day!

  11. Oh my goodness, these look amazing! Chocolate and banana is a great combo!

  12. Love the combination of chocolate and banana!

  13. La-la-la-LOVE these! The muffins themselves look tasty and as always, your photos are incredible! Fun guest post! Hope you had a great weekend, Georgia!!

  14. I would love to wake up to one of these. They’re gorgeous and they look so tasty!

  15. Be still my heart! I’ll take a dozen, please!

  16. What a great idea… they look fun & tasty.

  17. Oh yes! I love the extra chocolate on there!! Chocolate is always better than no chocolate ;) So pretty

  18. SO CUTE! So tasty! Gimmmeee

  19. These are so adorable!

  20. You know I’m all about a little chocolate for breakfast! :)

  21. I love the glaze on top, so good!

  22. These sound wonderful!! They are also so cute!!! Would bring a smile to our faces anytime of day!

  23. oh my, those look amazing

  24. Those are absolutely adorable! Banana bread has never looked so pretty!

  25. Dream come true! ;) Going to check out the guest post now!

  26. These certainly aren’t my mother’s banana bread muffins and Yum to that :)

  27. Wow these are NOT looking like the average banana bread muffins I know but way way better. Holly smokes, I bet that chocolate and sprinkles makes these banana bread muffins really addictive :-)

  28. These are gorgeously gorgeous. Chocolate & Bananas are perfect companions. This would be my dessert as well.

  29. Perfect looking cupcakes bursting with flavour :D


  30. For breakfast, you say? Count me in!

  31. These look delicious! I love finding new Muffin recipes!

  32. Wow, these banana muffins look absolutely amazing! Love the chocolate glaze and rainbow sprinkles – they are the best and make these the perfect breakfast! Stunning photos too!

  33. Who could resist one of these beauties? They look fantastic, Georgia!!!

  34. these look amazing… it’s healthy and naughty in the same bite. YUM!

  35. Thanks again so much for guest posting for me, Georgia! Wish we could hang out and eat a batch of these muffins together! :)

  36. So pretty and tempting!



  37. These are incredible and need to be in my hands right now!

  38. i love banana and chocolate so these muffins are totally my kind of treat. :) I’m off to check out the guest post.

    PS… thanks for getting back to me regarding the lens. I hope to get that lens soon. :) Your photos are always stunning. :)

  39. Now these are pieces of perfection! Love ’em G!

  40. These are just so pretty!

  41. Mmmm, my kids would love these, especially with the sprinkles. They are obsessed with sprinkles!

  42. These are adorable! And I want to eat them ALL up right-now!

  43. These gems are divine!! Beautiful chocolate glaze!

  44. How beautiful! Can’t beat chocolate and banana – this is something I’d love to bake up for my all the little kiddos on my husband’s side of the fam.

  45. I love how you added the chocolate and sprinkles to these muffins, looks delicious!

  46. OH MY. I want these for breakfast. Like, every day of the week. And then for a mid-morning snack too.

  47. Made them with the girls and it was a hit!!!!! It was so good!!! Wanted to know I oil would work instead of butter?

  48. Yay, I’m so glad you enjoyed these muffins, Ravit! Sorry, I can’t recommend oil instead of butter since I haven’t tried it before.

  49. What a treat indeed. The looks of those muffins already tell everything. I got to have the recipe to be able to start making on my own. That is the only way to cut my craving for it. LOL.

  50. Just beautiful! Headed to get the recipe now!

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