Blood Orange Margaritas

Blood Orange Margaritas

Spring is sprouting little by little here in Austin, and the weather is slowly but surely taking a turn for the warmer. This has meant shorter skirts and longer evenings spent out on our porch, sipping strong drinks while watching the sun sizzle down. That’s what spring is all about after all, isn’t it?


With the recent availability and inexpensive price of blood oranges, I took full advantage and loaded up at the store. For 35 cents per pound, why not?

These crimson-hued beauties are high in vitamin C and fiber, and produce a sweet and slightly tart taste. The zest can be used for baking, the juice can be used to create a marmalade or curd, and the fleshly slices can add extra flavor and color to a Mediterranean salad.

Blood Oranges

If you don’t have blood oranges handy or available, use regular oranges instead. I highly suggest grabbing some of this gorgeous fruit, though, and giving this easy, breezy cocktail a go for yourself!

The longer it sits the more intense the flavors, so it’s best make a pitcher at least an hour in advance. Combined with freshly squeezed lime juice, tequila, orange liqueur and simple syrup, the blood oranges make for a fantastically tart but tasty drink to celebrate life’s little moments!

Blood Orange Margaritas

Blood Orange Margaritas

Yield: 4 servings


  • 1 cup 8 oz. fresh-squeezed blood orange juice, (6-8 oranges)
  • 1/2 cup 4 oz. freshly squeezed lime juice
  • 3/4 cup 6 oz. tequila
  • 1/2 cup 4 oz. orange liqueur
  • 1/4 cup 2 oz. simple syrup, optional, half sugar, half warm water
  • Ice
  • Blood orange slices, for garnish


  1. Combine orange juice, lime juice, tequila and orange liqueur in a small pitcher. Stir well.
  2. Taste for sweetness and add simple syrup, if desired.
  3. Place ice in four glasses and pour margaritas. Garnish with sliced blood orange, if desired.
  4. Enjoy!

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  1. I love blood oranges and, even more, I love the idea of turning them into a margarita!

  2. It’s definitely getting close to margarita time in these parts! I’m always collecting new recipes for good, strong drinks. :)

  3. Georgia…blood oranges offer such a striking color…it’s crazy not to take advantage of them when they are available! And your cocktail is the perfect way to kick off spring! Very pretty and very refreshing! : )

  4. your timing could not be more perfect Georgia! i have a margarita night planned with my boyfriend tomorrow… perhaps i’ll make these for a nice treat! they look incredible.

  5. Now we’re talking! These look great.

  6. This looks wonderful for a Friday! I love margaritas, and the blood orange flavor sounds delicious!

  7. I would have one right now!!!

  8. So good, and gorgeous to boot!

  9. Oh my goodness! This looks so beautiful! Blood oranges are so pretty.

  10. Wow! These are awesome. A great use for blood oranges. I’m such a fan of margaritas!!

  11. wow the margarita is stunning!! I am going to look for blood oranges tonight.

  12. I have recently fallen for blood oranges big time! In fact, I am always wishing I had bought more. The idea of the juice being used to make a margarita tells me it is time for happy hour. Vibrant pictures! A refreshing drink like this is the perfect way to welcome spring as well as the weekend! Happy Friday.

  13. i love “reeeeal” margaritas like this! and the addition of the blood orange is just so pretty!

  14. I’ll take one of those please!…OK…Maybe two. How stunning and refreshing. This may be the perfect cocktail for book club next week at my house. Thanks! Pinning now!

  15. My eyes are wide open and I’m frantically trying to think of which grocery has blood oranges. I know I could make them with regular – but that almost seems sacrilegious in this case! Beautiful! Have a fabulous weekend as well, m’dear. ~Megan

  16. Most grocery stores will carry them around this time of year, but I got mine at a Super Target! ;)

  17. I know what am drinking tonight :) Got all the ingredients at home ..YAY!

  18. I love blood oranges and this is a perfect post for Friday! (shh.. but I am actually not much of a drinker. =P) They are such a beautiful fruit that it goes well with salad, drink, sweets, or even savory food. It’s a bit expensive but I think it’s totally worth it. Love your pictures Georgia!

  19. Nami – This time of year blood oranges are most in season so they’re very inexpensive actually. I got mine for 35 cents per pound!

  20. Hi Georgia – thanks so much for visiting Becki’s Whole Life – I love your blog and am now following:-)

    Love these Margaritas. I picked up some blood oranges from Trader Joe’s a few weeks back and I’m sad I didn’t have this recipe then! It’s getting warm here to, so it’s a good time to stock up on some good Tequila to start making Margaritas!

  21. fabulous! You had me at “blood orange”

  22. I’m jealous! Blood oranges for only 35 cents a pound and beautiful tulips already in full and glorious bloom.

    Oh, the margarita looks great, just what I need to wash down my winter blahs!

  23. You can’t beat those early Texas springs :) The drinks turned out beautifully!

  24. I just polished off the last three blood oranges sitting on my counter. Time to buy some more and make a margarita! The perfect start to a weekend! Thank you for the inspiration, Georgia.

  25. I think margaritas have to be my favorite cocktail….and this twist with blood oranges looks fabulous!!! The color is stunning~

  26. Beautiful! And now I’m craving some Mexican food to go along with this–yum!

  27. Such beautiful cocktails Georgia! Such a nice way to use the full flavor & color of blood oranges :)

  28. MMM… that looks so refreshing!

  29. Blood oranges are so beautiful! I can eat so many of them just natural. But hey, if the word margarita is tossed in the mix, then I won’t mind :)

  30. We love a good margarita around here! These look so pretty with the blood orange. Can’t wait to try it!

  31. I love blood oranges. The cocktail looks really tempting!

  32. Great colours and beautiful presentation. I adore blood oranges, but they are usually very expensive. I’ll check my green grocer to see if they are in.

  33. Its really depressing that can never find blood oranges

  34. 5 stars
    Love blood oranges! The juice is such a pretty shade, and love that little bit of berry flavor that’s in the background!!

  35. 5 stars
    This is the perfect spring drink! The weather is warming up in Phoenix too, and we’re spending more evenings on our back patio. This needs to be involved in them now :) Hope you continue to enjoy spring, Georgia!

  36. I usually add regular orange juice to spice up margaritas, this looks like a lovely twist!

  37. They look amazing and so refreshing. YUM!

  38. They are so gorgeous! This looks delightful and refreshing…I will take 2 with those Mac n Chz cups :)

  39. 5 stars
    I just love the beautiful color that the blood oranges gives the margaritas. Perfect for the rather warm weekend we’ve been having here.

  40. Love your beautiful and colorful photos. I can’t wait until it is warm enough to sit outside with a margarita.

  41. This is GORGEOUS!!! I love the brightness of the blood orange.

  42. 5 stars
    Oh, so enticing! I’m going to be looking for blood oranges to make this margarita.

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