Peanut Brittle


Peanut Brittle

I think it’s funny that food plays a big part of so many important occasions in the world. Take, for example, ham for Easter, cakes on birthdays, turkey on Thanksgiving. There’s nothing better than sharing a big meal around a table with your family and friends. However, I like to commemorate the everyday occasions in life with a little celebratory something, too; in this case, peanut brittle for my mom and stepfather. They just moved to Tampa. They’re filled with stress and constant decision-making, and frankly, they could use some candy.

Peanut Brittle Recipe

I just recently learned that this is one her favorite treats that she only rarely indulges in, and there’s nothing I like more than spoiling the people I love! So, off to Florida went a big bag of this homemade candy, along with a quirky antique store find, to welcome them into their new home.

Easy Peanut Brittle

So, for those of you interested in making this sweet treat, you’ll be happy to know that it is so ridiculously easy. This stuff also has the power to turn unsure peanut brittle novices into peanut brittle lovers. It sure did for me!

Peanut Brittle Recipe

All it takes is a cookie sheet and a saucepan; no candy thermometer necessary (I just used a regular old kitchen thermometer). You are essentially making caramel with sugar, corn syrup, salt, and water, then adding the peanuts, butter and baking soda towards the end. Once it’s got a nice, warm color to it, onto the sheet and into the fridge it goes. Give it about half an hour to harden, then munch on your delicious candy confection, or share it with someone you love!

Peanut Brittle

Servings 1 pound


  • 1 cup white sugar
  • 1/2 cup light corn syrup
  • 1/4 teaspoon salt
  • 1/4 cup water
  • 1 cup peanuts
  • 2 tablespoons butter softened
  • 1 teaspoon baking soda


  • Grease a large cookie sheet. Set aside.
  • In a heavy 2 quart saucepan, over medium heat, bring to a boil sugar, corn syrup, salt, and water. Stir until sugar is dissolved. Stir in peanuts. Set candy thermometer in place, and continue cooking. Stir frequently until temperature reaches 300 degrees F (150 degrees C), or until a small amount of mixture dropped into very cold water separates into hard and brittle threads.
  • Remove from heat; immediately stir in butter and baking soda; pour at once onto cookie sheet. With 2 forks, lift and pull peanut mixture into rectangle about 14x12 inches; cool. Snap candy into pieces.
  • Enjoy!

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  1. When I was in high school, we made peanut brittle in our chemistry class! I can’t even tell you now why it had anything to do with chemistry… (I hope my teacher is not reading this) and I can guarantee that ours did not look nearly as good as this does!

  2. I love peanut brittle!

    Gorgeous Pictures :)

  3. I love peanut brittle!
    :-) Mandy

  4. mmm…I want some too!

  5. Peanut brittle is one of my mom’s favorite treats too!

  6. What a great way to get spoiled!!

  7. Welcome to Tampa, they will love it here :) As a peanut freak I will definitely be giving this one a try soon!

  8. i’ve never made peanut brittle, but i’ve heard it’s hard to make *good* peanut brittle… but this looks perfect to me!
    i love spoiling people, too. that’s nice of you! :)

  9. Thanks, Katie! This one isn’t difficult at all. In fact, I didn’t even need a candy thermometer for it! :) I hope you give it a try sometime.

  10. How sweet of you, Georgia! I’m sure your mom and stepfather will be tickled pink when they receive their treat in the mail. Your peanut brittle sure looks like the best cure for stress. :-)

  11. The peanut brittle is looking so tempting Georgia… ! Its our fav sweet snack after meals and eat it too often in the winters. I will certainly give ur version a try on the following weekend, its really too good !

  12. Peanut brittle is my dad’s favorite candy ever! I can’t even tell you how excited I am that you posted a recipe for this. I can’t wait to try it out. Your peanut butter looks incredible. :)

  13. This was one of my favorite treats growing up, and I still love it today. Great recipe. I’m going to give this a try tonight!

  14. That was really sweet of you to spoil your mama. :) Your photos are really pretty!

  15. Lindsey – Thank you so much! Actually, that’s caramel in the pot, but it’s funny you mention homemade peanut butter – I have a recipe for that coming up soon. :)

  16. This would be dangerous for me to make… I would eat it all by myself!

  17. What fabulous picture! Not a huge peanut brittle fan but your pictures are making me crave it! I bet it’s delicious.

  18. Hi Georgia! I just came from Teenie Cakes. Wow your blog is so cute and pictures are amazing too. I love your design and everything. I’m not a baker but I love to eat sweets and even to look at them. I’m following you on FB now so I won’t miss your post. ;-)

  19. What a thoughtful gift! Your peanut brittle looks amazing and of course gorgeous photos :)

  20. I featured you today! Woot Woot! :) Graat job!


  21. Oh sweet mercy!!! We should having a cooking play date!! = )

  22. Brittle! I had forgotten about brittle! What a wonderful recipe and reminder – thank you!

  23. I’ve been wanting to try peanut brittle. Yours looks delicious Georgia! That was so sweet of you to send to your mom and stepdad. I hope you’re having a wonderful week:)

  24. My mom is famous for hers and her “secret” is to use raw peanuts.
    Great photos.

  25. Looks amazing! Love the photos, too.

  26. I really need to get over my fear of candy making and go buy a kitchen thermometer! This looks SO delish…I could go for a piece of right about now. And I have the same blue Le Creuset Dutch oven in my kitchen…I LOVE it!!

  27. No candy thermometer needed, Wendy! It does help, but I got by with a regular kitchen thermometer. Thanks for stopping by. :)

  28. Saw this on your guest post- it looks just as good here at home! :)

  29. I do like a good peanut (or other nut) brittle. It may be dangerous for me to know how to make it. What a thoughtful and sweet gift. =)

  30. This reminds me of my childhood, I can’t wait to make this!

  31. What a beautiful blog you’ve got here, and these peanut brittles look really yummy, I’m so tempted to make some now. It’s always the peanuts that suck me in!

  32. I’m sad that corn syrup is virtually non-existent in Germany! Any suggestions for possible substitutes?

  33. Sorry, Lauren, I couldn’t confidently recommend any substitutes seeing as I haven’t tried this without corn syrup. As far as I know, it’s necessary for the chemical reaction it has with the baking soda. If you can’t find it locally, maybe you could buy it online.

  34. As much as I LOVE peanut brittle, I’ve never made it myself! You’re right…it does sound very easy. I think I’ll have to add brittle to my list of things to make. Gorgeous photo, too!

  35. That looks so yummy! I’ve never tried making peanut brittle before…yum!

  36. Your peanut brittle is one of the most delicious I have ever seen – lovely presentation aside :)
    Great recipe!

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