Food stylist & photographer. Loves nature, bringing friends and family around the table, and good coffee.


Story behind this food blog

I’m Georgia Johnson, a passionate home cook with a love for simple, scrumptious comfort food. This is where I share my love of food photography and tried-and-true recipes. I live to gather friends and family around a big table with home cooked food, laughter and wine. I am a self-taught photographer, recipe developer and constantly crave to know more about what I do.

I created The Comfort of Cooking in 2010, after taking a local cooking class. After that day, I decided that I would rather dive in and learn to cook in the comfort of my own kitchen, as opposed to being professionally taught. I guess I prefer the trial and error of it all (and believe me, there are errors)!

Over the years, this passion project has grown into my full-time career and a recipe resource for millions of readers across the world. My easy, delicious recipes appeal to both beginner and experienced home cooks. Anyone who enjoys getting creative in the kitchen, come on in! 

Frequently Asked Questions

Photographic equipment that I usually use

Camera: Canon 6D
Lens: 50mm f/1.2L, 85mm f/1.2L, 24-70mm f/2.8L
Post-production: Photoshop

How do you edit & style your photos?

I edit with Photoshop, always photograph in natural daylight, and use minimal props, including wood boards, cloth napkins and simple white dishes.

How to start as a food blogger?

Pick your domain name, host and a beautiful, clean theme to let the food photos stand out. Just dive in! You will learn so much along the way as you create in your kitchen and behind the lens. Read and take tons of inspiration from other food blogs and recipe resources. This is an excellent guide for beginning bloggers.

Where can I find you on social media?

You can find me on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Pinterest.

How can we work together?

I enjoy creating and collaborating with many different kinds of companies to produce quality content. Outlined on my Work With Me page are a number of ways in which I have partnered with other brands and companies, and how I would love work with you.


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When I’m not cooking, you can find me walking leafy New England trails, spending time with my people, and planning more exciting projects (e-cookbook coming soon!). My nose is often in a book, and my head is daydreaming about what’s for dinner. I’m powered by chocolate, coffee and the laughter of my little lady.

I love to entertain at home, plant flowers, do yoga, work with my hands, and of course, feed the people I love! My 6-year-old chef in training, Lillian, helps in the kitchen every day. She enjoys cooking and sharing like me – it’s true magic to watch her become fascinated with food like the rest of us!

Our friends and family happily taste test all of our creations. We live in beautiful central Massachusetts.

People who love to eat are always the best people.

Julia Child

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Do you have questions about recipes? Wanna work together? Feel free to write to me for all inquiries!

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