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Hey, friends! I want to welcome you to a new feature around here called Links I Love – a fun collection of my favorite finds throughout the week. I hope to feature new picks for each section (Food, Goodies, and Everything Else) every other week, so please let me know if you’d like to see more like this! Or, if it’s just recipes you want, don’t be shy. I love reading your feedback!


1. A colorful, delicious vegetarian meal or side dish for using up summer veggies.

2. S’mores ice cream cupcakes, where have you been all my life?!

3. Three skinny summer blender drinks you need to try – my favorite is the Watermelon Breeze!

4. Healthy, whole grain quinoa nestled under salty sesame chicken makes for a delish dinner.



1. My obsession with maxi skirts knows no limits. So cute and colorful. Love the emerald green!

2. Who wouldn’t want a set of sparkly, delicate rings on their finger?

3. The sweet Southern hospitality of this cheerful print in our dining room makes me smile every day.

4. These delicious bars are a perfect sweet and salty pick-me-up, and they’re high protein, too!


everything else

1. You won’t believe what was used to draw this beautiful big cat. I think you’ll agree it’s surprising!

2. Love these quick ‘n easy updos for transforming hair from everyday to elegant in a pinch.

3. Get inspired with this list of the best upbeat songs for dozens of different workouts!

4. I love my kitchen but I could easily cook the day away in any of these 21 stunning spaces.


Thanks for reading. Please let me know in the comments if you’d like to see this feature again!

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  1. Such a fun idea, that vegetable tian looks so tasty! And my iPod shuffle needs an update so I will be checking out those workout mixes!

  2. This is so fun!! I love doing post like these and reading others as well. Oh and that maxi dress is adorable! I love it!

  3. I love this new feature! And I really need to add those songs to my playlist!

  4. I’m so honored to be a part of your new “link love”! The S’mores Cupcakes make me want to bite right into them and I love the print! Thank you!

  5. I love the links. :) I adore looking at fabulous kitchens… gotta check that one out for sure. :)

  6. Fabulous first edition of your “Links to Love”, Georgia! I always enjoy reading what other bloggers like. I, too, am working on a similar non-recipe post theme as part of my rotating Feature Fridays. Love the maxi skirt, too! Thanks so much for sharing!

  7. Thanks for sharing all this bounty…both food and lifestyle…with us.

  8. I love this new feature!! So fun to see your picks. And we have that exact same “Hey Y’all” print in our apartment!! :)

  9. I love these types of posts!! And Kind bars… I really have no words. The Madagascar Vanilla ones are like candy bars to me. Which is saying something since I really could be just as happy eating one of those as I would be with a Snickers. Love this!!

  10. I always enjoy these kinds of posts. I always see something interesting…lots of pretty and delicious- looking things here!

  11. Great post Georgia. I’ve often thought about doing something similar but there are just so many good posts out there to report on that I wouldn’t know where to start – lol…

  12. I enjoy roudups, such an awesome idea. Maxi skirts, drawing, and food, I am gonna be busy clicking away.

  13. What a fun new feature! I would love to spend time cooking in one of those kitchens!

  14. Love this new feature, Georgia! I always love seeing what my fellow food bloggers like outside of food and recipes and it’s so much fun to discover new websites and blogs as a result. Can’t wait to read more!

  15. I love this new feature Georgia! I love the food round-ups. It’s a great way to discover other food bloggers.

  16. Great new feature! I really like how you have broken up the different areas! So fun!

  17. I like this feature! I need to check out the links for the updos since I have a skating competition coming up in two months. I need to practice styling my hair for the big event!

  18. I really love the new feature, Georgia! So much fun, and love how you divided everything. Right now there’s not much I wouldn’t give to sink my teeth into one of those s’mores ice cream cupcakes!

  19. Great new feature Georgia! Love those skinny blender drinks.

  20. Great idea to post links to things that catch your eye! Love the idea – thanks.

  21. I love features like this on blogs – I get to know you better!

  22. love the idea.. so organized.
    i like how you put food in its section and then fashion and everything else.
    need to get me a maxi skirt and dress.
    that watermelon drink looks so good.

  23. I love this section G!! I’m am so in heart with that kitchen and 21 other spaces! And the green maxi skirt? I might actually have to go get one now. True story – I don’t own a skirt. I know!!!

  24. I think I’m in love with the s’more ice cream cupcakes!!!

  25. dying for those rings!! omg love

  26. That veggie dish and S’mores ice cream cupcake look delicious! I’m pinning those ASAP. I eat Kind bars all the time — I can’t get enough of them. The dark chocolate peanut butter is hands down my favorite!

  27. Great feature for your blog- love the hey ya’all poster! It’s your blog and you should have fun with it-that’s my opinion ;)

  28. Wonderful new feature! I love the look of the veggie dish…and have to check out the playlist, too :)

  29. Love it, more please!

  30. Oh what a fun idea, Georgia! I’ve tried to point people to other bloggers on my site. But you know…there’s so much more to our lives than just food! Love those dreamy kitchens, though! : )

  31. What a roundup! Love every single item :)

  32. I love that kitchen – an everything else :)! Fun post!

  33. Ahhh those S’mores ice cream cupcakes! Love!

  34. Loving these links! The dark chocolate KIND bars are my favorite too! :)

  35. Lovely collection of links, that green maxi skirt is not doing any favors for my maxi obsession to go away :)

  36. What a fun new feature Georgia! I always love finding nee things to look at – I love the way you have these broken down into categories. Those drawings are incredible! Can’t believe he does them all with a ballpoint pen!

  37. Very fun! Love these types of posts. I love finding new inspiring websites and spaces. I’ve had a lot of fun with a similar series on my site and I hope you do too!

  38. LOVING this new feature, Georgia! And I’m totally distracted by the smores ice cream cupcakes.


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