Spring Giveaway with Sokenbicha Tea!


There’s nothing that sends me sailing into spring with more ease than an ice cold, refreshing drink. When I reach for one, it’s often iced tea with a hint of fruity flavor and a replenishing feeling, like these Sokenbicha Teas. One sip and you can practically feel the tickle of grass on your feet and the sun on your skin…

Sokenbicha Teas

So, when the lovely people of Sokenbicha sent along a box of delicious Replenish Aloe tea from their new collection of flavors, I couldn’t tear it open fast enough. Suddenly my hair was down, feet were up, and I was enjoying a minty, frosty glass in the cool breeze of my backyard.

Each of Sokenbicha’s six authentically-brewed tea varieties are unsweetened and contain zero calories, and they truly make you feel healthy from the inside out!

Sokenbicha Replenish Tea

Replenish, which is the flavor of Sokenbicha tea I was sent and you can win, is a jasmine tea blend featuring organic green tea and jasmine flower, rose hips, ginseng and ginger, flavored with mint and pear. Combining the refreshment of water with the flavor and goodness of authentically brewed tea and natural botanicals, Sokenbicha is a tasty tea you just have to try for yourself!

Sokenbicha Swag

Included in four lucky winners’ prize packages will be one case of Sokenbicha’s new Replenish tea, as well as a gift bag containing the above items and a cute ladies’ t-shirt! See below for more details and how to enter…

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Four Winners Will Receive:

1 case of Sokenbicha Aloe Replenish Tea

1 gift package, including a canvas tote, pen, notepad, thumb drive and ladies’ t-shirt

To Enter:

Leave a comment telling me what your favorite refreshing drink is!

For Extra Entries:

(please leave separate comments for each)

Visit the Sokenbicha website and tell me your favorite tea flavor

Follow Sokenbicha on Facebook

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Mention this giveaway on Pinterest or follow me

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Four winners will be randomly drawn and announced on Monday, March 26. Here’s hoping you’ll be a lucky one!

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  1. Oh my goodness!!! I drink Sokenbicha (so weird to write in alphabet) all the time in Japan! I can’t believe it’s here in the US now. I sometimes buy imported one at a Japanese supermarket. They even created into 6 kinds. We only have just one Sokenbicha in Japan. What a surprise. :-) I follow you everywhere and will like Sokenbicha too. I can buy these so please give more chances to others. :-)

  2. What a nice giveaway! I really have not gotten into the whole tea variety drinks, but those flavors sound like some tasty ones. With spring here, the hot sweltering summer is right around the corner, so ice cold drinks will be more popular than ever! Have a great day.

  3. Great giveaway! I love sun tea. Perfect for a hot summer day!

  4. I love to add strawberries to my mint tea along ice and blend it smooth, so very refreshing!

  5. I like you on facebook!

  6. I followed you on Pinterest!

  7. I tweeted this give away!

  8. I like Sokenbicha on facebook!

  9. I tweeted this give away!

  10. I liked you on facebook!

  11. Nancy Brown says:

    “Liked” The Comfort of Cooking and Sokenbicha on Facebook. My favorite Sokenbicha would be the green tea blend.

  12. My favorite drink is full strength coffee with French Vanilla creamer. Gets me going in the a.m. and tasty too!

  13. Iced tea is my favorite! :) Thanks for hosting!

  14. I follow your site on Facebook!

  15. I also follow you on Pinterest. :)

  16. Cool, best of luck to all of your entrants.
    :-) Mandy

  17. What a great gift for you AND your readers!! My favorite refreshing drink is iced tea. My favorite iced tea is raspberry.. I mean when I want to jazz things up that is! :)

  18. Following you on Pinterest.

  19. Facebook too.

  20. You know how it is here on the Shore girl, iced tea is the house wine. I like mine sweet, with mint and lemon! Great giveaway, Georgia – thanks.

  21. Would love to try the Black tea blend, these sound so light and refreshing!

  22. Can’t believe I wasn’t following you on Pinterest yet, where have I been? :P

  23. I mostly drink water, but there is NOTHING like cold tea on a hot day (or hot tea on a cold day, for that matter). I’d love to try this product, I’ve never seen it before :)

  24. I like a big glass of ice water!

  25. The most refreshing drink for me is ice water with mint leaves and lime juice- so fresh and summery. the teas sound amazing

  26. Loretta (alg789@yahoo{dot}com) says:

    I love plain old ice water!

  27. Loretta (alg789@yahoo{dot}com) says:

    The chamomile sounds absolutely delicious!

  28. Loretta (alg789@yahoo{dot}com) says:

    I’m also following you on facebook!

  29. Lemonade is my favorite refreshing drink! Water if it’s pre or post workout though!

  30. I love tea and water!

  31. iced tea…would love to try this one.

  32. I have never seen this tea before. I’m a tea addict….very refreshing.

  33. I love ice cold water and smoothies with just fruits. They are great for the summer :-)

  34. Thanks for stopping by my blog, Georgia! I am sure I am not eligible for this giveaway because I don’t live in the U.S., but this sounds totally delicious! :) I love tea and I wish I could get my hands on a bottle of that awesome looking tea!

    I don’t know why my subscription to your blog hasn’t been updating in my Google Reader! Need to resubscribe! Thanks for stopping by again :)

    Marsha @ The Harried Cook

  35. Georgia I have never heard of this tea. I am a huge tea drinker!! Thanks for hosting this giveaway. Now you have my tastebuds wanting more :) My favorite way to drink tea is with a splash of lemon and somre truvia

  36. I’m a facebook fan of you!! ♥

  37. cindyn9178@yahoo.com says:

    Water is my favorite refreshing drink!

  38. cindyn9178@yahoo.com says:

    I visited the site, my favorite tea flavor they offer would probably be the Rose Hips.

  39. ooh, what a great giveaway! i love love love tea, so i bet i’d love this. my favorite refreshing drink? i love just a simple sparkling lemon water, or homemade basil lemonade is pretty fantastic, too. yum!

  40. and i like you on FB from my fearless homemaker page!

  41. Other than water, my favorite refreshing drink is iced tea – either with lemon or added to lemonade for an Arnold Palmer. I love tea!

  42. I would love to try the mint and pear flavor that I saw on the Sokenbicha website!

  43. I’ve Liked Sokenbicha on Facebook.

  44. Following you on Facebook too :)

  45. Following you on Pinterest.

  46. How cool! I am a tea lover! My favorite refreshing drink is lemon ice tea. My favorite flavor would be anything with ginger and ginseng. I’m also now following you on Pinterest!

  47. I’d have to say purify, looks so refreshing!

  48. My favorite beverage beside water is peppermint tea.

  49. Honestly, I’m a 100% water drinker. I’d love to try this tea to find something a bit more refreshing on a summer day!

  50. How exciting. I’m such a cold tea fan, even during the winter days, so I’m sure I would love these.

    Other than a nice, cold refreshing green tea, I like to indulge in an iced skinny vanilla latte.

  51. Ooh this tea sounds heavenly. I’ve never tried it before let alone see it on the shelves. I wonder if they sell it in the midwest. I lOve iced tea and would love to win this to try and maybe even get addicted to.

  52. Hi, Georgia! My favorite refreshing drink (other than water) is iced tea with lemon. Have a great weekend! :)

  53. Ooh what a lovely giveaway Miss Georgia! Iced Tea is my favorite refreshing summer drink! (Especially with half lemonade!)

  54. My favorite refreshing drink is probably sparkling water. I lllooovveee that stuff!!

  55. I am now following your blog–I can’t believe it took me this long to do it! My favorite beverage when it’s warm out is a tall glass of sparkling water with a wedge of lemon or lime.

  56. I love iced green tea – so refreshing!

  57. Hi,
    I love a cold glass of mango lassi. It’s very refreshing!!!

  58. Thanks for visiting my blog! Ice tea and lemonade are two of my drink favs. Thanks for the chance!

  59. I love you blog! My favorite is iced tea with lemon and fresh mint :-)

  60. Iced tea definitely! and water

  61. Nothing beats a glass of fresh squeeze lemonade!

  62. What a great giveaway!
    This sounds delicious! With the summer rolling around, it’s nice to have a refreshing cold drink..of any kind!! :)

  63. oooh.. love a nice springy drink. my favorite refreshing drink has to be Snapple Iced Tea – I love peach and raspberry, the regular stuff. I love Coke, but it’s not refreshing, just love it. and of course, fruity cocktails!!!! :-)

  64. Hey Georgia! my favorite refreshing drink is pink lemonade. or, if it’s the weekend, a margarita! well.. even if it’s not the weekend too ;)

  65. Great giveaway! I’m a big fan of Diet Coke, lol. I try not to drink it that often though…usually just stick to water!

  66. Sun tea for reals. That stuff is so easy and delicious!

  67. Besides plain ‘ole water, which is what I mostly reach for when I need to feel refreshed I like tea, so I’m looking forward to trying this!

  68. Like you on FB

  69. I follow you on Pinterest :)

  70. My favorite refreshing drink is pink lemonade. I love it! Though I do admit I’m currently addicted to pink grapefruit sparkling water.

  71. Hello Georgia,
    My favorite refreshing drink is Kiwi lime juice but I also love Moroccan mint green tea

  72. I already follow you on facebook

  73. That drink of ice tea looks so refreshing! I would love to give this tea s try;-)

  74. first of all, i’m so happy to have found your blog georgia! i’m a fellow foodie and it’s gret to find new friends. :)
    ok, my favorite refreshing drink is half seltzer, half cranberry juice, lots of ice and lime wedges. it’s amazing! iced tea is way up there too!

  75. i follow you on facebook! (i’m “the boot”)

  76. Hey, thanks for alerting me to your giveaway, Georgia! My favourite refreshing drink is actually iced coffee but I do like Iced tea too!

  77. Pink lemonade is a great refreshing drink!

  78. This iced tea looks sooo good – this is a wonderful generous to the boot giveaway my friend :D
    Nice one!
    What is my favourite refreshing drink? Well, as much as I love iced tea and its complex fruity deliciousness, I think I have been and always been a strawberry thickshake girl – nothing makes me happier than a creamy, berrylicious drink that is so thick it can’t even come out through a straw ;)

    Choc Chip Uru

  79. Wondering the flavour of rose in tea….so would love to try it…..

  80. I follow your blog….

  81. I follow u r pins too….

  82. Iced Tea is my favorite! Normally I just do plain brewed iced tea, but flavors are yummy too!

  83. I’ve never heard of this tea, they sound delicious, I’ll look for them. The revive sounds good, they all do.

  84. I love iced green tea, with abit of lemon :)

  85. What a great giveaway. My favourite refreshing drink is a lime and soda. Love to sip on one late in the afternoon in the sun. The flavours in that iced tea sound incredible. I’ve never had an iced tea with jasmine in it before. xx

  86. This look so good. I must try this. I loved iced green tea

  87. Never heard of this drink…sounds refreshing and delicious!! Must try. x

  88. Ice cold Lemonade !!! Yummm and oh so refreshing …

  89. I love iced green tea or barley tea in the summer!

  90. Wow. I love being introduced to such lovely new things! My favorite refreshing drink is gatorade. Am I the only one? I swear when I need to quench thirst I go to lemon flavored gatorade! So good.

  91. I drink hot tea all year round…my family thinks I’m nuts :) But I could be persuaded to try one of these cool beverages! Hope you have a nice weekend, my friend~

  92. I loveeee green tea, basil tea and bay leaf tea…that is my selection that I drink like every day just by switching!Never had this kind of beverage..sounds incredible! I would love to win!!! Thanks for hosting such a great giveaway Georgia!!!! Love it!!!

  93. Oh I would love try them all..but “purify”sound sooo good!!!!

  94. Following you on facebook!

  95. Following you on twitter..will spread the word right now!!!

  96. just Tweeted! @SECoking

  97. Follow you on Facebook…

  98. Follow you on Pinterest…

  99. Liked Sokenbicha on FB

  100. I would like to try the Revive flavor…love rose hips!

  101. Would love to try this tea…my favorite refreshing drink is my Sparkling POM Spritzer…no alcohol, but fizzy and fruity!

  102. My fav refreshing drink of the moment is a couple of squirts of Mio fruit punch flavor in a bottle of water I’ve fizzed up with my Soda Stream. :)

  103. My favorite refreshing drink is the SKIN Sokenbicha! LOVE Barley tea.

  104. I followed you on pinterest. :)

  105. I live in China so that right there sums up my love for tea. I love many kinds hot however chilled my favorite is soothing Jasmine. As living all the way over here do not expect you to send just wanted to stop by and let you know that I enjoy following your blog. Take Care, BAM

  106. I think the “skin” flavor looks great on their website. mmm cinnamon

  107. I followed you on facebook.

  108. and I tweeted about the contest. Thank you for having it! octracia at gmail.com

  109. Hi Georgia! What a great giveaway! My favorite refreshing drink (besides my a.m. coffee!) is iced tea with mint!

  110. All the flavors look good, but I’m particularly interested in “Skin.” Will it make me look younger? =)

  111. And, I follow you on Facebook!

  112. Thanks for stopping by my blog! I liked them and you on facebook! And my favorite summer drink has got to be lemonade!
    With fresh fruit. :)

  113. Lately I’ve been drinking water with strawberries and mint – very refreshing!

  114. I like them all! Revive and Replenish were my favorites!

  115. I follow you on Facebook!

  116. Ohhhhh, great giveaway! Tea would def be my favorite refreshing drink of choice!!

  117. I follow Sokenbicha on facebook!

  118. I follow you on Pinterest!

  119. Hmmmmm, hard decision but I think revive would be my favorite!

  120. I like you on FB through my personal page and through Epicurean Mom! :)

  121. Follow you on pinterest!

  122. I like sokenbicha on FB

  123. Mine is definitely a Mojito! Thanks so much for stopping by my blog Georgia … we need to get you on Twitter so we can talk more regularly! :)

  124. I’ve never tried Sokenbicha, but I’ve heard of it & have been intrigued!

    Unsweetened iced tea is probably my favorite refreshing drink!

  125. Angela Diaz says:

    My favorite “refreshing” drink right now probably is Diet Coke. So bad for you… but love it!

  126. Angela Diaz says:

    Liked Sokenbicha on Facebook

  127. Angela Diaz says:

    Liked The Comfort of Cooking on Facebook

  128. Angela Diaz says:

    Had never heard of Sokenbicha before your post, so it definetely looks like something to check out. My favorite teas right now probably are Earl Gray and Starbucks Passion Tea. Earl Gray smells like fruitloops to me.

  129. I love water with lemon…or a cranberry spritzer.

  130. Water with lemon is my favorite refreshing drink!

  131. Following you on Pinterest!

  132. The Rose Hips tea sounds delicious.

  133. I love a nice cool slushie or smoothie! If not that kind of drink, then pink lemonade


  134. I’d pick replenish flavor


  135. FB fan / like The Comfort of Cooking. My FB profile:


  136. My refreshing drink would be a glass of iced sweet tea with a squeeze of lemon on a super hot day.

  137. I would love to try Replenish. I’m going to look for this at my local grocery!

  138. Andrea L. says:

    These drinks sound great! I usually go for black tea with no lemon or suger. My boyfriend also loves to mix lemonade in with his tea.

  139. Unfortunately, I don’t drink tea, but I wanted to drop a comment anyway. Have a great weekend!

  140. My favorite refreshing drink is chilled green tea with few sliced of lemon.. :)

  141. I cannot resist an ice cold tea lemonade. :) it’s about ice tea season too isn’t it? I hope you had a good day!!

  142. What a great give away, but can you ship to Toronto? The box of iced tea might be a tad heavy! It’s lovely that the design of the labels (sorry, it’s a occupational habit) matches the clean design of your beautiful blog.

  143. This is perfect b/c my favorite refreshing drink is unsweetened iced tea (preferably green, not black)!

  144. Replenish sounds like it’d be my favorite tea flavor

  145. My current favorite is Sparkling Ice, the black raspberry and kiwi strawberry flavors are the best!

  146. Hi Georgia! And how lucky that you got to sample this awesome drink! I think I’d like the Replenish the most since I love hot jasmine tea; though I love cold peach tea! Great giveaway! : )

  147. And I also follow you on Pinterest!

  148. And I also like you on Facebook! : )

  149. I love fresh brewed tea with pomegranate juice.

  150. I think the chamomile is the one I most want to try.

  151. I follow Sokenbicha on facebook (Rust Hawk).

  152. I follow you on facebook (Rust Hawk).

  153. I am following you on pinterest as rusthawk.

  154. My favorite refreshing drink is sparkling water + lemon. Easy, simple and I always have both on hand!

  155. Sounds great! Well, I do love an ice cold michelada on a hot night! By day–A sparking water would be my favorite.

  156. What a lovely giveaway!

  157. I’d like to try green tea blend

  158. My most favourite refreshing drink is – fresh squeezed lemon and lime with mint added to carbonated water. I can’t get enough of it – and it’s only spring. I can’t wait for summer – b/c it will be the summer’s drink. :) I also love iced tea.

  159. What a fantastic giveaway! I enjoy a cup of hot green tea with honey every evening. Thank you for introducing me to Sokenbicha teas. I’ll be on he lookout for it. :)

  160. Homemade passion fruit iced tea, it’s wonderful.

  161. Passion tea!

  162. Unsweetened and organic teas…oh yes! What a fantastic give away, I will have to look for these!

  163. After spending the day in an elementary classroom I definitely need Revive. I love that it’s zero calorie with such a great taste!

  164. Typically I enjoy ice cold water, when I need to twist it up I add lemon and a dash of Equal. This is a fabulous giveaway, I am going to have to try this tea!

  165. I love the refreshing taste of homemade Kombucha tea, to which I add fresh ginger or lemon. I wonder if it is similar to your Sokenbicha tea. Thanks for such interesting info, as I had never heard of it before.

  166. My brother suggested I might like this blog. He was entirely right. This post truly made my day. You can not imagine simply how much time I had spent for this information! Thanks!

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